Monday, June 25, 2007

Cheesesteak Ride

Had a hunkering yesterday for a cheesesteak so I took the bike out and got one - in Philly. I left out a little after 8am and, taking I-95 the whole way, got there by about 11:15 or so. The original plan was to try Pat's early, then after a couple hours try Geno's. I got a Whiz wit-out from Pat's and it was pretty tasty. The steak itself was good and juicy with apparently minced onions (maybe some garlic) providing the only enhancement to the natural flavor. I was a little dissappointed with the bun though - it as a little over done and rather tasteless. Not in an offensive way, it just didn't bring anything to the flavor party - if saltine crackers were bread, this is what it would taste like. Anyway, I took my steak over to the baseball field next door and watched some locals play softball for a while. When I finally decided I could handle at least a couple bites of another one, I walked over to Genos. Unfortunately, the line had grown considerably (~40 people) since I'd seen it before so I decided it wasn't worth it since Becca and I will likely re-do this trip again soon. Anyway, it was more about the bike ride anyway, so I decided to use the time to try a more interesting route home. After some significant traffic leaving Philly, I took 301 heading south towards the Bay Bridge. All and all, the ride home was unremarkable but nice. I was in bumper-to-fender traffic on the bay bridge which is a little nerve racking on a bike with the significant cross-winds and ease at which I could look over the side. I got home right at 5pm and just in time for a nice Italian dinner.

Total distance: ~340 miles.
States: (4 1/2) Va, D.C, Md, De, Pa