Friday, October 29, 2010

First class link relations

The original proposal had link types:

"it is useful for the system to be aware of the generic types of the links between items (dependences, for example)... without imposing any limitations." ... "Note that each link has a type ("includes" for example)..." (1989)

and later, it was made clear that link relations should be first-class - peers to the target itself - or, first-class link selection criteria:

"In this way, link relationships in HTML, and in future XML hypertext languages, should migrate to becoming first class objects." (1999)

I suppose that migration is finally upon us?  RFC 5988 - Web Linking

Friday, October 08, 2010

Two wheels at last!

Me:  "It's your decision, but you just road with the training wheels barely touching.  I think you're ready."
Grace:  "K.  Let's do this.  Daddy, go get your tools and take 'em off!"
Me:  "Yes ma'am"

She then walked the bike mid-way down the street and boldly road all the way up on two wheels her first time.