Friday, April 10, 2009


At bedtime, I happened upon a story in John's VeggieTale Bible that provided a nice recap of a discussion on Col 3:20 we had earlier.  It started out with a question, "Who is the ultimate boss?," which I posed to Grace.  When she doesn't know the answer (as in this case), sometimes, she just turns to being cute - namely, talking gibberish.  Hearing her response, John politely asks "now Grace, I can't understand you, is that JapaGrace or Graceanese?"

Later... we read a story from Grace's book.  One part at the end required some explaining, so I went into action.   The story is, roughly, some brothers are mean (jealous of) to little Joe, he leaves, predicts feast and famine.  His brothers later come back hungry and, ultimately, he is good to them.  I set about 'dumbing it down' a bit and explaining how it might be similar to him sharing a toy with a little boy who was previously mean to him.  To clarify, he says, "so daddy, you mean it's like the Lord loving us and letting us into heaven even though we sin and don't do the right thing sometimes?"  My reply, "um, yeah, that's a... that's a reasonable simile, sure."  I've always hoped my kids will be smarter than I am, but I'm not sure how that's really going to feel when they've accomplished that at 5!

While writing this, I had to run upstairs to John screaming.  "Daddy, those 'eyes' in the bathroom are really freaking me out... I can't sleep... they're just too scary."  Being dense, it took a few seconds to register.   Finally, I saw the 'eyes' and they are indeed freaky.  Bathroom door closed... another crisis resolved.

From Bathroom Eyes

Earlier, I also managed to capture Grace's "poor Cinderellie" impression...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I've never been able to convince Becca that there is a right/wrong way
of hanging TP. When I notice improperly hung TP, I usually fix it....
Hopefully, now she'll see the light...