Monday, September 21, 2009

WashPost: Same-sex marriage

Robert McCartney on why the difference between strong white support for same-sex marriage in the District vs. the rest of the nation...
Why the difference? The District's white population is more secular, liberal and better-educated than the rest of the country. Some surveys have suggested that educational level is the most reliable predictor of attitudes on same-sex marriage, with more-educated people being more likely to support it.
Perhaps this is a good indicator that our education system is broken?   Then again, maybe it says more about religious America, that religious affiliation isn't a more reliable predictor?  Then again, maybe someone's just stretched some numbers to have a fancy way of saying, "you're either with us or you're dumb"?  

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ending badly

mnot: REST-*? Well, this will end badly...

and so, after a choppy discussion...

... it is, hopefully, ending... and badly...

Quite frankly, this is the single dumbest attempt at one-sided
"standardization" of anti-REST architecture that I have ever seen.

Distributed transactions are an architectural component of non-REST interaction. Message queues are a common integration technique for non-REST architectures. To claim that either one
is a component of "Pragmatic REST" is the equivalent of putting a giant Red Dunce Hat on your head and then parading around as if it were the latest fashion statement.

The idea that the community would welcome such a pack of marketing morons as the standards-bearers of REST is simply ridiculous. Just close the stupid site down.

... I subscribe to the Burton Group mostly to be annoyed by nonsense, but Anne captured this one quite well:
I believe in being pragmatic, but if you don't adhere to the REST principles (everything is a resource with a uniform addressing scheme [i.e., a URL], interactions using representations, uniform methods, stateless interactions, using hypermedia as the engine of state), you won't produce RESTful systems, and you won't attain the desirable RESTful characteristics (scalability, serendipity, network effects, etc) that REST is supposed to enable.

For reference, while it still exists... REST-*

Monday, September 07, 2009

"That robot show"... you remember

Talking with John about the show "Superfriends" I used to watch caused me to think about another show that I can never remember the name of. I finally googled the right words and found it. This is for me. For when I forget again... "The Space Giants" with Goldar, Silvar, and Tomoko... Superstation programming at its best:)