Wednesday, September 22, 2010

REST and self-descriptiveness

The REST Architectural Style has this constraint called the Uniform Interface. The Uniform Interface Constraint itself decomposes into four constraints and one of those, the self-descriptive messages constraint, decomposes into at *least* three other constraints. The analysis of what system properties are evoked was done at the highest level - the Uniform Interface Constraint. So, what happens when you modify one of the sub-sub constraints? Who knows, as with all the constraints, you should probably *think* about it with "your eyes wide open"*....

if you don't see a movie below, open outside your reader:)

* an unfindable Roy quote

Sunday, September 19, 2010

RESTFest 2010

I just returned from RESTFest 2010 in Greenville, S.C (on a side note, I wasn't thrilled about the location at first, but I should say, the people in Greenville, S.C. are great and the downtown area rocks - I never imagined I'd say such a thing about Greenville, but... there it is... it rocks - if you have a chance to work or visit, take it!) - it was great to see the Raleigh crew again and meet some new folks. Starting with Mike's thorough Hypermedia Workshop the first day and some great extended and lightening talks Saturday.

There was Apache CouchDB well-represented with some cool presentations and hacking, some really bizarre stuff (I'm thinking Events:), and everything in between. I don't do .Net development but if I did, I'd be pretty excited to get my hands on the coolness that Glenn presented on that platform. Anyway, many thanks to Ben and Mike for all their hard work to pull this thing together... Here's everyone that made it all the way to the end:

And a HUGE thanks to all the great sponsors. They were:

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Our first toothfairy visit...

... will be tonight!  John's been wiggling that tooth for weeks now and just came excitedly up the stairs to proclaim his loss.  He's real happy and immediately wanted to eat foods of different textures to see how they feel:)