Friday, May 18, 2007

My "first" birthday party

Yesterday I came home to the best birthday surprise. When Rebecca
told John it was my birthday yesterday, he was so excited and
immediately began planning. He told her they had to get me birthday
balloons, birthday streamers and birthday cake. She apparently took
him to the store to by all of those party ingredients while I was at
work. I arrived home with yellow and blue streamers over all of the
chairs (done by John himself) and hanging around in other low-lying
areas. He was apparently upset when he realized he'd forgotten the
happy birthday candle for the cake, so yesterday I celebrated my first
birthday (from a candle left over from Grace). Two and 1/2 and I
think he's got better party-planning skills that Rebecca and I

Thanks John [and Rebecca], it was the best birthday party ever;)


  1. Sounds like a great party! I miss hearing about John and Grace, what have they been this summer? We do miss all of you. I feel a bit overwhelmed by the garden and admit that I know less than nothing about vegetable gardening and rotor tillers. John, my birthday is September 23 and look forward to my party.

  2. sweet you posted this. The story doesn't even do John's passion about the party any justice at all. He was adamant about everything. He definitely has my Type A personality for sure. In the morning when I told John it was Tim's birthday you could literally so the cogs churning in John's head. He wanted to throw daddy a birthday party. He also had to make sure we had cake and yes when we left Party City he said "Oh no"! I thought he had an accident because he was really upset so I asked "what's wrong buddy" and he said "we didn't get daddy any birthday candles we have to go back to the store". Obviously that wasn't happening as we were practically pulling into the driveway but he was happy to have a birthday candle nonetheless once I found Grace's. We made the cake together and he really wanted it to be pefect for daddy. He truly is the party planner of the house. Very thoughtful and sweet.