Sunday, June 01, 2008

Preparations for a foul economy

So the state of our economy is a common topic around our house.  Rebecca and I frequently talk about how bad it could get.  For more than 5 years we've been saying that the irrational rise in housing prices and fascination with personal debt can only lead to one huge mess.  We've been continually baffled that average people like us see this mess while economic experts are convinced it's somehow limited to the sub-prime market and worried about some artificial technical statistic that would indicate a recession.  

Anyway, I reckon an argument for how ugly this might get is a topic for another entry.  This entry was meant to let everyone know that we are prepared - well, John is prepared anyway.  Upon finding the right sized cavity, he enjoys attempting sleep.  
Seriously, we're hoping that it's more a boy's fascination with doing weird stuff than an appreciation for where poor economic conditions could lead.  In any case, Rebecca and I are boosting our savings so that we can afford larger, perhaps even wax-coated, boxes for everyone...

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  1. I believe Mom will allow John to sleep on the fireplace hearth if things get rough. I know the economy does not look good, but things are still better than the "dust bowl" days. If things get really bad, we can all move in with Mom and raise food on the farm. Gwen