Sunday, August 30, 2009

John's Story

As many know, John has been testing his boundaries lately. Doing so, led to him being without toys and books until he earns them all back one-by-one. So far, he's selected only toys when he has earned something back - three so far. This left him in the unfortunate position of having no book to read for story time.

I've got to give him creativity credit, his solution to this dilemma was to write his own. When I first took on the task of taking dictation, I had no clue where he was going with it. About midway through the first page, my wrist was tired - an indicator of how embarrassingly little I write longhand nowadays - so I moved the exercise up to the computer. I left it in his words without edit - I kinda like it his way, "scardest" really ought to be a word, right? Link below:

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  1. And nicely illustrated as well, I'm very impressed!! I'm certain John will one day be President. There is nothing he won't be able to do!! Grandma Connie