Wednesday, September 22, 2010

REST and self-descriptiveness

The REST Architectural Style has this constraint called the Uniform Interface. The Uniform Interface Constraint itself decomposes into four constraints and one of those, the self-descriptive messages constraint, decomposes into at *least* three other constraints. The analysis of what system properties are evoked was done at the highest level - the Uniform Interface Constraint. So, what happens when you modify one of the sub-sub constraints? Who knows, as with all the constraints, you should probably *think* about it with "your eyes wide open"*....

if you don't see a movie below, open outside your reader:)

* an unfindable Roy quote


  1. I can't tell which of these guys you think we should be rooting for.

  2. - which is the thread about 'driving some people nuts', also. :-)

  3. Mark: it's a bit of a parody of a common discussion on rest-discuss. Personally, I'm a fan of pragmatism, we should attempt to live by the constraints of REST but when a mismatch occurs, it's more important to consider the mismatch's effects on the system properties rather than dwell on the binary consideration of REST/Not-REST.

    Duncan: those have to be the most referenced emails on rest-discuss:)

  4. I want to be "serendipitously reused" by my wife at about 9:45 tonight.

    Sorry, I just heard that term too many times in this to not riff on it.