Friday, August 25, 2006

Return Day 1 Complete

After a dissappointing start not going through the mountains and pikes peak, it turned out to be a really nice ride. New mexico was quite a pleasant surprise to me. After my entire ride in Colorado being drizzle overcast, as soon as I crossed the mountain (rotan pass?) The sky was a deep blue and the mountains were different - more blocky than round. 87 was a great road for mostly until dumas, when it turned interstate-like - until then, it was a 2 lane road with little traffic and a 70mph limit. Texas and Oklahoma have a lot in common so far - they are both hot, dry, flat, and boring. Texas kept it interesting with some incredible wind gusts - unsettling to say the least. I made it to Ok City where I'm staying the night. A little over 700 miles for the day. I'll start out tomorrow towards Tulsa, then on into
Arkansas. Haven't really done the mileage but my arbitrary goal is to stay in Little Rock tomorrow.

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