Monday, November 30, 2009

Difficult Santa talk...

We took time this evening to rearrange the living room and prepare the Christmas tree for its decorations.  It's a tree of wire and plastic that needs 'adjusting' to give it a more tree-like appearance.  John found this adjustment period to be rather tedious which led him to frequently inquire whether the job was complete.  One of these inquiries led here...

John:  "Are we done yet?"
Daddy:  "Not yet, you know why it's important to spend time adjusting the tree don't you?"
John: "Yeah, so that we'll get lots of toys under it."
Daddy: "Well, not exactly.  The more time we spend adjusting it, the more beautiful the tree will ultimately look."
John: "Right."
Daddy: "Besides, shouldn't we be grateful for any toys that we might find under this tree, be it one toy, or lots of toys?"
John: "Yeah, we should be grateful for whatever we get."
Daddy (who should have simply stopped):  "That's right... you know... there are many kids who won't get any toys this year, so, even one is better than none, right?"
John: "Well, yeah, those are the naughty kids, right?"
Daddy (who only now is starting to realize he should have stopped talking already): "Well, some are naughty, but other's have parents who simply can't afford toys this year."
John:  "But Daddy, Santa doesn't treat kids without money differently does he?"
Daddy: "Well, no.... ummm... "
John:  "Daddy, this is sad news, I think we should go shopping tomorrow for those kids who aren't naughty."

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