Sunday, November 15, 2009

Geocaching woes...

"Geocachers find trinkets and trouble" (WashPost)

Sounds all too familiar. At least these people are in Loudoun, Va. Paulding County, Ga., not so understanding.... I don't recall the exact conversation but it went something like this...

Ranger: "You boys been walking around in circles looking at that thing for a long time now..."
Us: "Yeah, it's a GPS unit for land nav trying to find a location"
Ranger: "What's that you got there? a G-P-S (overly drawn out)?"
Us: "Well, it's just a GPS unit, like a digital compass... you know..."
Ranger (skeptically): "I don't know, this just don't sound right"
Ranger (incredulously): "And you say you're looking for some kinda 'treasure'"
Us: "Well, kinda, see, people hide stuff and it's fun to go find it."
Ranger: "Ain't nobody supposed to be hiding stuff on my park land. Anyway, how am I supposed to know ya'll ain't some sorta terrorists or something? these are dangerous times, you know? What exactly are they hiding?"
Us: "Usually, it's just little toys, trinkets, a notebook, and whatnot."
Ranger: "And so you're using some sorta navigation computer to find toys out in the woods?"
Us: "Well, yeah, it's just sorta a game, you see, well, maybe we'll just go now."
Ranger: "Yeah, maybe you should, I don't expect I'll see you back here, right?"

It was longer and even more ridiculous of a conversation than that - would have been good sitcom material. It ruined the hunt - we felt ridiculous. But, it was a learning experience. We learned that such folks are called Muggles and are to be avoided....

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