Tuesday, July 03, 2007

4th Smoking Lesson

So I've been learning the art of smoked meat for the past couple years with small lessons here or there. During this time, I've been the proud owner of a Big Green Egg which, I'm rapidly learning 'fool proof's' things for me. For example, over this time I've never given a second thought to environmental factors. For my "4th smoke" this year that changed. I still used the BGE but noticed an odd +-2 degree fluctuation in temperature. Odd. I've never seen this before so when I figured out what was happening (it took standing out there and paying attention), I decided to send off a challenge to the senior smokers in the family. Here's what my note said:

"Which one of you can guess what's wrong with my setup? Besides, of
course, the obvious lack of a deck;) Other than pride, no prizes.
First response wins!



Roughly 45 minutes later, much to my surprise, the correct answer came back and he didn't even have to feel the breeze of that fan when it turned on. Congrats to my brother, though he's, embarrasingly enough, not rubbed a butt of his own this 4th - he did get my 4th trivia correct. Very impressive.

Here's the image:

My Brother:
"I am guessing that it has something to do with the sudden drafts created when "that big fan" next to the egg turns on? I would guess that not even the egg can withstand this type of environmental change???"

Yelp, the air conditioning unit in the corner causes a 'wind tunnel' effect.

I'm genuinely impressed...


  1. I volunteer to test your barbeque, it is picture perfect. How many racks of ribs did you cook before you figured out the setup?

  2. Thanks, the logistics would be difficult to figure out though. I've had pork butt down fairly well, I think, since my second try. Ribs were, and are, much more difficult and I don't claim to have anything about ribs figured out quite yet - though Rebecca did admit that the last batch I smoked were some of the best she's had.

  3. You know what you still owe me a rack of ribs! I have been patiently waiting since the 4th of July and still nothing. I thought for sure stroking your ego a bit would ensure that I would most quickly be noshing on some of your delightfully delicious fall of the bone baby back ribs with your sloppy gooey bbq sauce with the perfect amount of tang that just sings in my mouth but still....nothing. Absolutely nothing. I guess I will just go eat worms. But I will admit your chicken soft tacos with guacamole last night were rocking!