Sunday, July 08, 2007

John the artist

John is very artistic. He loves to play with clay, markers, water paint, finger paint and crayons; our refrigerator proudly displays his work. We've got tons of coloring books and stacks of construction paper to support him whenever a creative moment strikes. Sometimes, though, I'm not impressed. Let's critique this latest work, for example:

I know, your thinking, wow, that's good stuff. From the spiral elements on the left to the short aggressive strokes on the right - it's powerful. What's not to like? It's not the color selection, not the strokes, in short, not the art that failed to impress me - it was his choice of canvas! Below... his creation again in context:

One wall apparently wasn't a large enough canvas on which to express himself so it turns out he expanded to the other three walls in the room as well. Fortunately, Becca too knows a thing or two about paint brushes.


  1. I like John's wall art. Of course, I am glad it is your wall and not mine. See you soon,

  2. Hey if we have a budding Picasso on our hands who am I to try to limit his artistic urges. Wait a minute...that's not really how I feel about the subject...who was it again who helped John get the crayons out and failed to ensure they were all put away??? Hmmm. I heard you were quite handy with a paintbrush yourself. But in the meantime I am enjoying what I will refer to as John's "Blue Period". Aunt Linda did drop by some Magic Erasers the other day though...I wonder if that was a hint.