Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Mountain Ride...

I rode west today out past Shenandoah into West Virginia. To give me more time at the destination, I took all highway miles (66W->81S) to 42S (exit 283) in Woodstock, Va. Well, rather than listing the whole directions which won't mean much anyway, you can get a feel for the ride here.

While the route encompassed a lot of highway-ish miles, there were plenty of miles on roads like this:

and eventually I was fortunate enough for those to give way to roads more like this:

shortly I climbed towards the top of the hill:

and a better look at the road:

views like this, with only the hum of the beast, are nice:

honestly, it looked steeper as I was riding along;)

Eventually, I had to face forward and head back home - I knew there was a really good beef brisket awaiting;)

So, back down the mountain and into the valley below:

For the most part, these were some well-maintained dirt/gravel roads and worth the ride to get there. The access to the views could have been better but the ride was great. All but the very last bit are worth a try on any bike, but I think from Mathias on are probably most comfortable on some sort of enduro machine.


  1. Wayne, Your trips looks great but where are John, Grace and Rebecca?

  2. Those saddle bags are deceptively large. Grace - left; John - right.

    John is the only one that shows any interest in getting on a bike without pedals. Unfortunately, he doesn't yet have riding gear and a helmet. Plus, that brisket had to get cooked by someone;)

  3. Who the heck is "Wayne", Dawg....I got something with 6 speeds, too. But it's got 4 wheels....ride safe.